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It's the first ever 3-month-long conference!

January 3 - April 3, 2017







The Lean User Research WhatsApp group is a space for quick discussions, opinion-exchange, and Q&A focused on lean user research in product development. The group is limited to 100 members and will be open for 30 days from April 20 to May 19, 2015. It is managed by Tomer Sharon, author of Lean User Research (2015) and It's Our Research and a Google Search User Experience Researcher. The group will feature world renown lean methodology thought-leaders as daily guest experts. A 30-day group membership costs $9.99 paid through PayPal. Save your spot today by clicking the 'Pay Now' button below. 

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daily guest experts

The group will feature world renown lean methodology thought leaders as daily guest experts who join for a day and answer questions throughout that day. Guest experts include:


What to expect?

  • Short, quick interactions between practitioners and experts. 
  • Fast-paced virtual roundtable.
  • Responses by group manager and daily guest experts are not immediate. 
  • Conversations are ongoing, during waking hours (EST/PST), and limited to availability. 
    [For example, an expert that goes into a client meeting is not expected to drop everything and answer a group member question]
  • I will publish links to articles, videos, training announcements, etc. before I share them on social media.
  • I will present daily questions to the group.
  • I will encourage the group to ask more questions and raise discussion topics.
  • When a guest expert day arrives, members are invited to interview him or her. 
  • As a general rule of thumb, questions with a benefit to other members are preferred and prioritized. If you expect feedback for your screen design, this is not the group for you.
  • There is no guarantee that every single question presented to the group is answered.
  • Sample questions the group will happily handle:
    • Is MVP an experiment or a product?
    • What is 'Customer Development'?
    • How do I know when to launch a product?
    • What are 3 books you recommend? [good for asking daily guest experts]
    • How do I evaluate a startup idea?
    • How do I find participants for research?
    • Do people need my product?
  • Ethics:
    • Polite, respectful responses and conversations.
    • No confidential information shared or asked to be shared.
    • Relevant conversations only.
    • No job inquiries, descriptions, and chatter. 
    • No private information shared.
    • No hijacking the group by 1-2 individuals.
    • Failure to meet these ethical standards will results in immediate removal from the group without a refund.


who is it for

The group is for practitioners who take part in product development and don’t have too much training in, time, or budget for user research. It's for people who wish to learn from their users quickly, cheaply, on their own. 

  • Developers, programmers, engineers, product managers, and designers involved in product development under conditions of extreme uncertainty in any type of organization.

  • Startup founders AND their co-founders.

  • Growth hackers.

  • VCs and angel investors.

  • People who aspire to become any of the above.




A 30-day Lean User Research WhatsApp group membership costs $9.99 to be payed through PayPal. No refunds after April 10, 2015. When we reach 90 members, registration will close. I am leaving 10 spots for daily guest experts to go in and out of the group.

Important: when you pay through PayPal add your name, mobile phone number, and email address in the comments so I can add you to the group. If you forgot to do that, please send me these details over email to tsharon at that gmail thingy dot com. 




If you have any questions about the WhatsApp group, please tweet them to me @tsharon.